1 May 2018: The Government announced in January 2018 that the Better Public Services programme would not continue in this form. These pages have been archived.

Result 9 Case Study 8

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is changing the way it provides information online by building a single customer-centric website to replace its six legacy websites.

The new website, www.mpi.govt.nz, was launched in December on the all-of-government web platform, Silverstripe and designed to make interactions with MPI easier for businesses and other users.

In time the legacy websites will be progressively switched off as thousands of web pages continue to be simplified, streamlined and content added to the new site. 

MPI Deputy Director-General Dan Bolger says the new website has been built with the experience of users as a priority.

“We took feedback from more than 2000 website users (over 80 per cent were businesses) and their feedback has guided the build of the site.

“By packaging information in a way that works for the people who deal with MPI, we’re helping them comply with our rules, helping our primary industries find information their businesses need, and reducing staff time spent answering queries from people who can’t find what they’re looking for or are confused by what they find.

“Making our stakeholders a priority contributes to Result 9 of the government’s Better Public Services initiative which is all about Making Life Better for Business.

“The new website enables and empowers MPI web users by using Plain English and putting customers’ journeys first by mapping business processes, not government ones. The site has been built around the tasks our customers want to do – for example importing and exporting – rather than how MPI is structured.”

MPI is:

  • reorganising information so it's easy to find
  • giving clear guidance on completing tasks
  • rewriting content in plain English
  • delivering a website that can be viewed on any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • improving accessibility by meeting the New Zealand Government Web Standards
  • using the Government's common web platform to ensure consistency and information security.

Since the launch of the website MPI has received online feedback from more than 200 people and Dan Bolger says this feedback will be crucial in the ongoing development of the site.

“As we continue to build the website we want to hear from our stakeholders so we can ensure we’re delivering something that meets their needs and continues to put their experience first.”

Want to give your feedback?

You’ll find an online feedback form on the side of each web page on www.mpi.govt.nz Use this form to let MPI know what you think of the new website.

If you have questions about the website email info@mpi.govt.nz

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