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The Wellington ICT Graduate School was launched in May 2016 and opened its doors to the first intake of students in July. One of the programmes, the Master of Software Development, taught by the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington, is a one-year conversion Master's-open to anyone with a non-ICT degree.

The current students, now in their last twelve weeks of the programme, have a range of study backgrounds and experience.  We chatted with three of them about their journey, and why they chose to study software development.

Claire has a Bachelor of Zoology.  She chose to study software development to find more challenging work and fast track her career development in IT.  She enjoyed the variety of topics covered and working on practical group projects.  She is now undertaking a paid internship with Avenir, a specialist software systems tech company, using the skills she has learnt during the programme.  Claire is based at the Wellington Innovation Hub, BizDojo, which offers her the opportunity to meet other developers.  Her immediate future is in software development but we may see her back at the School studying Business Analysis.  

Mark has a Biomedical Science Degree Majoring in Human Genetics and Molecular Pathology.  His motivation for studying software development came from having taken introductory computer science papers and finding them really rewarding. The programme has helped him gain new skills and perspectives on the scope of software development, discovering his strengths and identifying the parts he enjoys. The group projects helped him to understand the realities of working in the tech industry, and his paid internship with Avenir is providing real-world experience.  After he graduates he wants to continue in this sector and work on interesting projects.

Patrick has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration Majoring in Management, Marketing and HR.  He has always had an interest in IT and once he started reading more about futurism and disruptive technologies he knew he wanted to realign his study and leverage his business experience to excel.  He enjoyed the practical focus of the programme, team work and learning different methodologies, and says the content is very relevant to industry.  Patrick is just about to start his internship at Trade Me. Who knows where he will be in twelve months?  Maybe he will be part of a Wellington start-up.

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