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Responding to diversity

We are a far more diverse and complex society than we used to be. Globalisation, stronger international linkages, migration inflows from a very wide range of countries and cultures, the introduction of MMP, widespread and fast adoption of new digital technologies; these are just some of the developments which mean a radically different operating environment for our public services. This diversification raises the question of whether our public service workforce is diverse enough to meet the challenge of successfully providing citizen-centric services for more diverse communities. Growing diversity also poses questions for our ethics and integrity systems. New Zealand has a well-deserved reputation for high standards of integrity in public life. But our standards and practices, our 'culture' of integrity, was developed when we were a much smaller, self-contained and homogeneous society than we are now. We can‟t take it for granted and we expect that our work as chief executives, and our discussions with Ministers, will increasingly emphasise the need to maintain integrity as a cornerstone of the trustworthiness of the system.

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