About this guidance

This guidance will help understanding of the code of conduct issued by the State Services Commissioner, Standards of Integrity and Conduct. The guidance is made up of explanations for each of the standards, and for the code's introductory statement. It has been written for people working in the State Services, providing information about the conduct expected of them. Most will probably access the guidance online. There are hyperlinks within the guidance, reflecting the mutually supporting nature of the standards. There are further hyperlinks from the explanations to other relevant material.

Standards of Integrity and Conduct is phrased in aspirational terms. Almost all of it has equal application to people working in Crown entities and those in departments. Although organisations must comply with the standards, this guidance is not mandatory. It outlines general principles that should be applied with judgement, and with a regard for:

  • the spirit of service to the community
  • the obligation organisations have as part of executive government
  • the role of the State Services in supporting parliamentary democracy, and
  • the value of State servants having a lively interest in political matters.

While the spirit of service to the community underlies this code of conduct, the code is not intended as a charter establishing service standards that the public may demand of the State Services. The code of conduct sets standards of behaviour expected of State servants. This guidance gives context to those standards.

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