Consultation on proposed changes to the State Sector Act 1988 has closed.  

The proposed changes to the State Sector Act 1988 were approved by Cabinet and announced by the Minister of State Services on 26 June 2019. You can read the Minister’s press release on the Beehive website  

A Submissions Analysis of Directions and Options for Change summarises public submissions on the proposals. You can read the detailed State Sector Act Reform submissions, (released on 24 May 2019). On this page you can also find the State Sector Act reform Cabinet papers, released on 26 June 2019  

The Government has decided to change the statutory framework governing New Zealand’s Public Service . The key decisions fall under the following areas:  

  • A unified Public Service  
  • Te Ao Tūmatanui - Strengthening the Māori/Crown relationship  
  • Employment and workforce  
  • Leadership of the Public Service  
  • Organisations of the Public Service  

Alongside the system-level State Sector Act legislative changes, there is also work to improve how government agencies organise themselves in the regions. You can read about the key decisions on the State Sector Act 1988 reforms here  

Information on the consultation can be viewed by visiting HaveMySay .    

Links to the Minister's releases on the consultation the Beehive website:  

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