SSC’s Business coaches work alongside agencies to understand customer interactions, how work flows through their system and where waste occurs. This information is used to challenge and change the way things are done to make improvements.

Knowledge and skills are transferred to agencies to build a learning culture of sustainable, system-wide continuous improvement using a common approach.

A typical engagement consists of four key stages:

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Scope (2 weeks)

Preparing for the initiative, including high level scoping, planning and mobilisation.

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Understand (8 weeks)

Undertaking detailed observation and analysis to understand customer demand, the system in which services are delivered and the need for change. Specific levers for improvement are identified.

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Test & learn (8 weeks)

Designing, trialling and refining agreed changes in a controlled manner to assess their impact on performance.

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Make normal (8 weeks)

Implementing the trialled and tested solutions, progressively rolling more volume/workgroups into the new way of working to sustain and reinforce improvements.

Above timings are indicative only.

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