Chief executive

Jane heads a government department with 1200 staff and has aspirations to be chief executive of a larger agency. At 54, there are still things she wants to achieve in the Public Service to make New Zealand an even better place.

She is responsible for leading and developing the people in her agency. As a chief executive she also belongs to "team CE" with collective responsibility for identifying and nurturing leadership talent for the State Services as whole. She knows her best people are shared assets - or, as she says at staff talks, "public servants first and employees of our agency second". In her wider stewardship role Jane serves on a Career Board and has mentored a number of senior leaders in other government agencies.

Among her peers, Jane is highly respected for thinking and working across agency boundaries. She's different from a lot of other CEs because she joined the State Services from the private sector relatively late in her career. She was shoulder tapped by the State Services Commission after safely landing a number of major infrastructure change projects. Jane shadowed a deputy chief executive in another agency for six months and was supported through a Master of Public Administration degree at Victoria University.

She'd never seen herself as a public servant - now she can't imagine working anywhere else. Her next step is possibly a stint in the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment at deputy chief executive level, or maybe some overseas experience in a senior post to get a wider perspective.

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