Manager of managers

Hugh has eight years of experience in management roles in Customs, where he moved from Police.

In his mind, working at New Zealand's international interface is essentially about protecting a bigger community. He's done his time on frontline duties and now really enjoys putting his experience into new business initiatives and lifting the performance of his team.

Based in Auckland, Hugh has several managers reporting to him and is well regarded as a leader. He played a key role in piloting the new electronic joint border management system with industry partners. At 40 Hugh is taking a strategic approach to his career development to reach his long-term goal of a Group Manager position.

At his performance reviews, Hugh is upfront about where he wants to be in ten years' time and seeks guidance on how to get there. He's been told a senior leadership role is definitely on the horizon. In discussion with his manager, he's identified that more formal learning would round out his experience and is looking at options. He likes the sound of the Master of Public Administration (Executive) degree offered by Victoria University. There are opportunities to transfer within Customs to a position in Wellington and his partner is open to moving there.

In another five years or so, Hugh is keen to spread his wings in some other agencies, and build his networks. He knows someone in Customs who had a secondment to the Policy Advisory Group in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and found the inside view of government really valuable. Time in another central agency like the Treasury or State Services Commission would be helpful too. It's one of the big pluses of working for the State sector - there are so many interesting turns you can take on your way upwards.

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