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Senior leader

Chris is 44 and a talented, 2nd tier manager in the Ministry of Primary Industries. He started his career in the former Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and progressed quickly through several roles, based in Wellington. A plus was a recent secondment to his Minister's office. Chris enjoys being at the cutting edge of issues that matter to New Zealand's economy.

He's enrolled in the Career Board process which actively manages talent across the State Services, having provided information about himself and his aspirations. Chris is on the radar as a star performer and his potential to take up a senior leadership position in another agency is discussed with his chief executive.

Chris knows he has to "get out to get on" in the State Services and demonstrate experience in a range of roles and agencies. He realises the real action is on the frontline and has put himself forward for a number of stretch assignments managing different types of frontline service delivery in other agencies, including the Ministry of Health and Work & Income. An operational role in a region would be helpful too. He's talking through the options with his mentor - a senior executive in another government department.

Chris is proactive in seeking leadership development and learning opportunities. Last year he went through the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) Executive Fellows Programme - a positive spinoff is a really useful support network to bounce ideas off.

It's fantastic to be constantly challenged and have so many development opportunities provided in a supportive environment.

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