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We want the right people with the right skills in the right roles for today and into the future.

Delivering outstanding results in today's challenging environment requires a very different approach to leadership.

The complex issues facing New Zealand can only be solved by genuine collaboration between multiple agencies - no agency can do it on its own. State Services leaders are now leaders across the whole of the State Services system, not just heads of individual agencies.

In partnership with chief executives and their agencies and the Leadership Development Centre, we are introducing a system-focused approach to leadership development and deployment. We will also work in partnership to identify and address critical skills gaps in the system.

A co-ordinated, system-wide approach to developing leadership and capability will ensure we have a pipeline of capable, high performing State servants who can step up to senior leadership roles and roles that are critical to the successful performance of our system.

Benefits include:

  • increased bench strength with a choice of viable candidates for senior leadership roles

  • greater diversity among State Services leaders, providing different perspectives

  • targeted investment in training and development delivering value for money

  • an increase in technical and specialist skills required for innovative service delivery

  • flexibility to move high performers to where they can make the best contribution.

This approach is about creating careers across the State Services - and about recognising and developing talent for the benefit of the whole system.

It will enable us to actively manage the talent within the State Services to collectively achieve the results that matter most to New Zealanders.

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