The State sector is engaged in a time of change.  Agencies need to align their customer focus to deliver on collective priorities that will benefit New Zealand and New Zealanders. Sometimes this will take a collective effort, and part of the shift is about being better at working together.

Meeting the varied needs of the increasingly diverse and technologically advancing population is a constant challenge for State sector chief executives.  Focusing on this continual and responsive improvement will mean that our State sector can meet the System Stewardship direction and priorities. As the custodian and director of System Stewardship in the State sector, the State Services Commissioner has tasked chief executives with taking collective responsibility for enabling an efficient, effective and relevant government-citizen relationship for a better New Zealand. To achieve this, the State Services chief executives agreed the direction and priorities for system stewardship in March 2016.  They are now embedding these in their plans.

The Direction and Priorities for System Stewardship are outlined here.


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