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What will success look like?

In four years the New Zealand international education system will be globally connected, be held in greater international regard, valued for its quality and innovation and will support achievement of wider education, economic and social goals for New Zealand. The targets to 2025 from the Leadership Statement for International Education will almost be reached.

By 2020 success will be demonstrated as follows:

Strategic and influential thought leadership

  • Education NZ, working with its government sector partners, is acknowledged as New Zealand’s expert agency in international education and has led significant innovations in New Zealand’s international education delivery and presence. By working with other central government agencies it operates in a clear and consistent policy, regulatory and strategic leadership environment that supports the achievement of the goals for international education and is the envy of other countries. Education NZ’s role and mandate is clear to all. A strong culture of collaboration among the central government agencies exists to ensure New Zealand realises the maximum value from its education services capacity.
  • Education NZ is globally recognised for its in-depth understanding of the student customer and the way it uses customer preference, insights and market intelligence to support the development and success of New Zealand’s international education sector. Education NZ is admired globally for its strategic targeting for value, consistent quality and achievement of strong New Zealand customer brand preference.
  • The international education industry, including current and new education service and product providers, are working in a collaborative way to achieve the growth objectives for international education and growing New Zealand’s market share and presence. Education NZ’s work is recognised as being a key contributor to the growth of the New Zealand industry.
  • Education providers, communities and employers understand and appreciate the economic value and wider benefits of international education services to New Zealand. International education is an integral part of the New Zealand education system for the richness it brings and international students are encouraged and welcomed by other students and all New Zealanders.

Shaping the future New Zealand international education industry

  • New Zealand’s international education is diversified by market, product and service, globally connected, with new entrants offering new and different products and services that respond to, stimulate and grow demand. Innovation in delivery is embracing global themes and this benefits both New Zealand and international learners. New Zealand providers have strong offshore links.
  • The international education industry is operating in a connected way to sell the benefits of the New Zealand education system. Education NZ customer insights support providers to understand the needs of potential learners and to offer them a comprehensive experience including coordinated options and pathways to make New Zealand a compelling overall destination. The awareness and preference for New Zealand as a provider of international education services is dramatically raised. International students from all over the world choose to study with New Zealand providers through a range of products and services. There will be a strong value focus.
  • International education is New Zealand’s fourth biggest export industry based on its sustainable and consistent growth having overtaken Logs and Wood in value of exports to New Zealand.
  • International education is an important contributor to New Zealand’s workforce skills and research capability. Highly skilled migrants choose New Zealand as a study and migration destination and have seamless migration pathways to residency.

Education NZ’s way of working

  • Education NZ’s clarity of role, purpose and value proposition see it as a prized jewel in the education and economic development systems. Its agility, influence and intelligence are recognised and valued by all.
  • Its proximity and understanding of New Zealand’s international customers is second to none and is consistently demonstrated through New Zealand education’s strong brand preference as a leading global provider of education services.
  • Education NZ’s rich data, analysis and the insights from its global customers underpin the sector’s and industry’s strategies and interventions for international education, resulting in highly relevant and valued education services and products.
  • To deliver on its international education leadership role, Education NZ has developed and implemented a new operating model to deliver across its three goals. Without losing focus on Goal 1 activities, Education NZ has developed further its strategy and value proposition in relation to Goals 2 and 3 and is working collaboratively and with influence to grow the benefit to international students, provider partners and wider New Zealand. The operating model ensures it can work flexibly across central government and with industry to ensure that learners are offered solutions that meet their needs.

Jenn Bestwick
Lead Reviewer

Trisha McEwan
Lead Reviewer

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