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Part Three: Relationships

Engagement with Ministers

How well does the agency provide advice and services to Ministers?

Performance Rating: Well placed well placed - big.

Sector Contribution

How effectively does the agency contribute to improvements in public sector performance?

Performance Rating: Needing development need development - big.


Education NZ’s relationship with its Minister is positive with the Minister reporting confidence in the organisation’s performance to date. Education NZ is seen by the Minister as having executed a satisfactory establishment and made good progress in raising the profile of the New Zealand international education brand.

There is an awareness that the wider alignment of government agencies surrounding Education NZ needs to strengthen in support of achieving the Government’s international education goals and targets and IESOG is seen as being the appropriate body to undertake this work.

While it is seen as appropriate that Education NZ’s focus has been on establishment and progressing Goal 1, the Minister is now interested to see Education NZ progress its thinking and ability to deliver impact in relation to Goals 2 and 3. In doing so, the Minister encourages Education NZ to consider how it accesses and improves its and providers interfaces with other agencies operating in the economic development and education sectors to avoid duplication.

The strategic leadership and policy environment for international education is complex. If the goals are to be achieved, there needs to be a country strategy for international education with a shared understanding among the other central government agencies in the sector of the importance of the goals and the targets to 2025. Policy settings across central government need to be enabling. International education will not be the only or main focus for other agencies but they need to appreciate its importance and be actively exploring the choices and trade-offs necessary to support Education NZ in its role. The success of international education is much bigger than Education NZ and it will not succeed without the right environment.

The IESOG can provide the strategic leadership for the sector and put in place the policy and operational enabling environment that international education requires. As we comment in the Four-year Excellence Horizon, Education NZ needs to play a strong role in helping to make this happen (within the limitations of a small delivery agency) and the other central government sector agencies need to respond. As part of this Education NZ needs to ensure it captures market intelligence and learnings better and feeds them into strategy and policy. Education NZ needs to be a thought leader with the Ministry of Education on the future of education delivery, to inform strategy.

We have already noted under Core Business 2 the importance of the interface with NZTE to support organisations to grow offshore. Education NZ and NZTE have started discussing the organisations they have a common interest in and this needs to be progressed rapidly. Education NZ does not have the skills to nurture new organisations and a link to Callaghan Innovation can ensure these do not fall between the cracks.

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