Fact sheets for each service grouping, setting out some key data from the Kiwis Count survey. (See the full report on the results of the Kiwis Count survey here.)

The Kiwis Count survey asked New Zealanders about their perceptions and experiences of public services. As a prompt, they were given a list of 42 services which broadly represented services provided by central and local government, tertiary education institutions and kindergartens. In order to provide results for similar services and to help identify broad areas for improvements, the services in this list were categorised into nine service groupings. We have produced a factsheet for each service grouping, setting out some key data from the survey. Some of this survey data has already been published in the research report and summary booklet and some of this data is being published for the first time.


The Kiwis Count survey service groupings

Environment & Recreation

Visited a national park

A hunting or fishing licence

National environmental issues or the Resource Management Act

Motor Vehicle

A driver licence, registering a vehicle or changing ownership of a vehicle

Education & Training

A university or polytechnic about a course you are attending or may attend in the future

A state or state integrated school that your child attends or may attend in the future

A student loan or student allowance

Employment or retraining opportunities

A kindergarten that your child attends or may attend in the future


Received outpatient services from a public hospital (includes A&E)

Stayed in a public hospital

Used an 0800 number for health information

Obtaining family services or counselling

Local Government

Visited a public library

Your local council about rubbish or recycling

Your local council about property rates

Your local council about a building permit

Your local council about road maintenance

Passports & Citizenship

A passport

Registering a birth, death or marriage


A visa or permit to work in New Zealand

Justice & Security

The Police (for a non-emergency situation)

Paying fines or getting information about fines

Emergency services i.e. 111

Parole Board hearings

Social Assistance

The Community Services Card

Accident compensation for injuries

Sickness, domestic purposes or unemployment benefit

New Zealand Superannuation

A housing subsidy or accommodation supplement

A childcare subsidy

State or council rental accommodation

A community grant

Taxation & Business Services

Tax or taxation assistance

Contact with Statistics New Zealand for information or about taking part in a survey

Registering a company or filing an annual return

Importing goods into New Zealand or customs duties

Financial assistance for a business

Requesting technical help or advice for starting up a small business

Requesting technical help or advice for activities related to farming

Applying for a business concession at a national park

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