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SSC work programme

The State Services needs leaders who are focused on whole-of-system transformation and strategy. To enable this it is critical that leaders can influence beyond their agency boundary to deliver on key government outcomes for the people of New Zealand.

In 2013 the State Services Commissioner was given statutory responsibility for putting in place a strategy for developing senior leadership and management capability in the Public Service.

Chief executives formally signed up in 2014 and that commitment has been reinforced in their annual performance expectations set by the Commissioner.

SSC is helping the chief executives bring those commitments to life. This is not a traditional leadership development programme where people are identified and developed across a core curriculum over a period of time. It is an interconnected set of strategic, all-of- system actions that will lift leadership capability across the State Services.

SSC is building leadership and talent across the system by:

  • identifying, developing and deploying capability to priority areas
  • strengthening leadership by building a system culture across the State Services
  • encouraging and supporting leaders to step into more challenging and complex roles
  • supporting the move away from a Wellington centric- view of talent, encouraging diversity within and beyond the Public Service.

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