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What is the SSC doing?

SSC has a leadership and enabling role for increasing diversity across the Public Service, using both an agency and cross-agency focus. This is achieved through applying a diversity lens to existing work programmes and relationships and delivering key initiatives in partnership with agencies and others. SSC is also working with agencies to ensure that diversity and inclusion is effectively leveraged, enabling more customer-centred services.

SSC applies a diversity and inclusion lens to the following key system areas:

  • Leadership
  • Chief Executive Expectations
  • Four-year plans
  • Employment Relations
  • People Capability
  • Data and Analytics
  • Legislative Framework and Integrity.

There are also a number of system-level pieces of work that SSC will be progressing. These include: promoting flexible work initiatives across agencies; intensifying and influencing recruitment and supply for diversity; growing positive, inclusive workplaces and building communities of practice around diversity.

Monitoring progress in diversity and inclusion is vital to ensure transparency and awareness. Clear data and insights enable evidence-based decision-making. The diversity part of this report has been developed this year to highlight new insights from a broader range of data. New sections for this report include:

  • more extensive information on Auckland
  • a discussion on disability information, and disability data
  • part-time and flexible work
  • customer perception, and integrity and conduct.

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