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Inclusive workplaces

To access the whole range of potential, experience and opportunities that our diverse communities provide, it is important that workplace cultures in the Public Service are inclusive and that they support a range of people to succeed. A diverse workforce can work to better address the needs of the diverse community that it provides services to, and interacts with. SSC collects information that can contribute to better understanding of workplace culture, through its Integrity and Conduct Survey, and New Zealanders' satisfaction and trust in government, through the Kiwis Count Survey.

In 2013, SSC measured staff views on fair workplaces and processes, opportunities for development, staff feeling valued, and likeliness of staff to leave through the Integrity and Conduct Survey. Staff felt valued in their role, with a vast majority of staff agreeing or strongly agreeing that their job allows them to use their knowledge, skills and abilities. Staff also had a high level of agreement that they had enough flexibility to do their jobs. Pacific, Asian and Māori staff have a more positive perception of their manager's effort to ensure equality and diversity, and are more likely to feel proud to work for their agency, compared to New Zealand European staff. For more findings from the Integrity and Conduct Survey see

It is important that New Zealanders, as customers, trust and value their interactions with government. SSC regularly measures New Zealanders' experience and trust with government services through the Kiwis Count survey. The 2009 SSC report ‘How different groups of New Zealanders experience public services', showed that Māori were a little less satisfied with the quality of services compared to non-Māori, and had lower levels of trust in the Public Service. The research also showed that for Māori, staff being non-judgemental and treating people with respect are key elements for fair treatment. This research highlights the importance of the Public Service workforce culture being inclusive, and how this can flow into improving service delivery and trust. For more information on trust and service delivery for demographic groups see the How different groups of New Zealanders experience public services report.

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