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Migrant flow

In addition to skill sets, staff bring a wide array of experiences into their roles. Diversity of staff from a perspective of where they have come from in the world, paints an interesting picture of cultural diversity and of experience. The SSC has obtained customised 2013 census data from Statistics NZ to get a better picture of migrant flow into the Public Service.

Figure 4.7 uses census data to explore the international diversity of the Public Service. Using country of birth data, the figure shows where public servants (who were not born in New Zealand) were born. It shows that England, Australia and South Africa have the largest level of migration and representation in the Public Service, followed by India, Fiji and Samoa. The diversity of the Public Service spans over 50 countries.

Figure 4.7 Country of birth for public servants in 2013 Census

Figure 4.7 Country of birth for public servants in 2013 Census

Around 25% of public servants in 2013 were born overseas, compared to around 27% of those working in the private sector. The private sector is representative of a more diverse range of countries. Asian countries such as China, India, Korea and Philippines all have higher representation in the private sector compared to the Public Service, whereas England, the United States and Scotland, all have higher representation in the Public Service.

There are many reasons for this, the private sector is much larger than the Public Service in size, and covers a broader range of occupations. The regional distribution of people across New Zealand also explains the difference, with many more private sector roles in Auckland, which is a more culturally diverse city (around 44% of the 2013 Auckland workforce was born overseas).

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