Rainbow Networks

Employee-led networks play a significant role in creating inclusive workplaces. Rainbow networks in workplaces are one way of encouraging inclusivity and improving visibility for the rainbow community.

Further analysis did show that those who had rainbow networks within their organisations were more comfortable being ‘out’ or open than those that worked in organisations without rainbow networks. This was irrespective of membership in the network. The existence of a rainbow network within a workplace provided a sense of belonging, of inclusion.

Some respondents told us that there is a lack of a ‘rainbow organisation’ or ‘LGBTQIA+ forums in the Public Service’ or no rainbow related or publicised active awareness movements within some organisations. What this tells us is that there is further work to do, so that everyone has access to networks across the public service.

“I feel that a lot of closeted/questioning staff, as well as ‘out’ staff would benefit from a secure, confidential social network where we would be able to comfortably be ourselves.”

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