Next steps

WeCount 2019 was a first step to include rainbow people in the public service data. These findings helped us produce a more comprehensive Public Service Workforce data set than ever before. We’ve made sure that rainbow people in the public service count. It’s not only about the numbers though. These findings also help us understand where we can make more of a difference for rainbow public servants, as we continue to build a diverse and inclusive pubic service.

The voices of the rainbow community and these system level findings have shown us that we have come some of the way, but that we have further work to do. We want all our people to be comfortable being themselves at work, every day and in every situation.

Over the coming year there will be increased emphasis on chief executives’ being accountable for diversity and inclusion within their agency. Chief executives have committed to leading and building a positive and safe workplace culture in their agencies.  Across the public service, we are working on inclusive leadership, addressing bias, creating tools for using inclusive language and promoting employee-led networks. Together, these actions will improve the level of comfort and ability to bring one’s whole self to work for all public servants.

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