Following the release of information under the Official Information Act, the State Services Commission is releasing details of the costs of the investigation into the unauthorised disclosure of Cabinet papers related to a planned restructure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This request included costs directly attributed to Ms Paula Rebstock.

As at 13 December 2012, the overall cost allocated against the investigation is $219,670 (exclusive of GST) plus $29,207.63 expenses.  The amount of this that is directly allocated against Ms Rebstock is $99,275.00 (exclusive of GST).

Ms Rebstock‚Äôs initial letter of engagement noted the need for the investigation to adhere to the principles of natural justice.  This has required a thorough approach to interviews with staff and an audit of all related written and electronic material, as well as giving due time and consideration to maintaining a fair and appropriate process.

The investigation continues.


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