Published : 30 June 2020

The State Services Commission has today published the latest Kiwis Count survey results.

Kiwis Count has been an ongoing survey since 2007 where New Zealanders are asked for their views and experiences on the public services they have received, and their trust in the public and private sectors. The feedback helps government agencies see where services are working well and where to focus efforts to improve. 

The 2019 results show satisfaction with public services and trust of New Zealand’s public sector remains high.

“Overall the results show satisfaction with public services and trust of New Zealand’s public sector remains high,” said State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes.

 “It is particularly satisfying that the upward trend in satisfaction and trust levels has continued since the first survey in 2007.”

Key results in the 2019 survey:

  • 79% of New Zealanders trust public services based on their personal experience. This is 12 percentage points higher than 2007, and one percentage point down on 2018.
  • 49% of New Zealanders surveyed trust the public sector brand, which is five percentage points higher than 2015 though slightly down on last year.
  • Kiwis Count measures New Zealanders' satisfaction with 43 commonly used services. The overall service quality score for 2019 is 77, which remains a record high. This is nine points higher than 2007 and the same level as 2018.
  • Overall satisfaction with public sector services has been consistently higher than private sector services since 2012. 

The results are consistent with the latest Colmar Brunton 2020 Public Sector Reputation Index showing big improvements in agencies listening to the public's point of view, on trustworthiness, using taxpayers’ money responsibly and being relied upon to protect individuals’ personal information. The results also underline the International Civil Service Effectiveness Index which last year ranked New Zealand second overall out of 38 countries on performance and first on integrity, capabilities and procurement.

Future Kiwis Count surveys will continue to collect information on trust and confidence, with an increased sample size from 2000 to 4000, new methodology, and with the results published quarterly rather than annually.

“Public servants work every day to earn the trust and confidence of New Zealanders,” said Mr Hughes.

“The public service can’t operate without the trust and confidence of the people we serve.

“New Zealand has a high degree of public trust and confidence in our system of government and we can't take this for granted – it’s something we have to work hard every day to maintain. Without public trust we lose our licence to operate.”


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