This report is the seventh quarterly update from the Kiwis Count survey.  The update is a 1-page PDF document which can be downloaded here and a link to a spreadsheet of survey statistics which can be downloaded here .

The overall service quality score (SQS) for the December 2013 quarter is 72.  This is one point lower than the September 2013 and the June 2013 scores.  The decrease is overstated by rounding - the SQS for September 2013 was 72.5 and in December 2013 it was 72.2 so the fall in the latest period is, in fact, only a decrease of 0.3.

The quarterly information included in the report draws on the experience of 1258 New Zealanders who completed Kiwis Count between July 2013 and December 2013.

Kiwis Count December 2013 update

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