Executive Summary 

Kiwis Count is a comprehensive survey which measures New Zealanders' satisfaction with 42 frequently used public services.  This report is the fourth in a series of quarterly updates from the Kiwis Count survey and draws on the experiences of 1,166 New Zealanders who completed the survey between October 2012 and March 2013.

Kiwis Count has changed from a point-in-time survey into a continuous survey with ongoing data collection and regular reporting.  The change to a continuous survey with greater online participation provides more timely information on the quality of public services while reducing survey costs.

The Better Public Services programme is focused on creating a public sector that can respond more effectively to the needs and expectations of New Zealanders.  Kiwis Count tracks improvements in the quality of service delivered to New Zealanders and identifies areas where the public sector needs to provide better service.  Starting in 2013, Kiwis Count includes a module of questions about the ease of transacting with government in the digital environment.  This replaces the previous module of questions on channel use and preferences.

The survey is in a transitional phase as it moves from point-in-time to continuous reporting.  Until a full cycle of quarterly surveys have been completed, it will not be clear what "normal" is for the year and how variable quarterly results may be. 

The overall service quality score for the March 2013 quarter is 72, the same as the June 2012 and December 2012 scores.  This suggests the September 2012 quarter score of 74 was either a seasonal variation or an anomaly.  These scores are the first quarterly results and follow two point-in-time surveys with results of 68 in 2007 and 69 in 2009.

There are no strong trends, positive or negative, in the March 2013 quarter.

Out of the ten service groups, two (Health and Justice and Security) improved their scores over the quarter; four maintained their previous scores and four decreased their scores.

Eleven services have improved since December 2012, but no improvement was statistically significant.  Nine services maintained their previous score. Twenty two services recorded decreases in service quality, with none being statistically significant. 

Kiwis Count is part of a wider research initiative, which has developed several evidence based tools which services can use to improve satisfaction.  A key way to improve satisfaction is to concentrate on the "drivers" of satisfaction - the short list of things that have the greatest impact on satisfaction.  A summary of lessons from the wider research initiative, including more information on the "drivers" was included in the December 2012 quarterly report.

This report includes a case study from the Births, Deaths and Marriages service in the Department of Internal Affairs.  The case study outlines the improvement initiatives which have seen the service's satisfaction score steadily improve from 72 in 2007 to scores in the 80s over the last year.

Quick facts from this quarterly report

  • Kiwis Count measures New Zealanders' satisfaction with 42 public services
  • The overall service quality score for March 2013 is 72. This is the same as the  December 2012 quarter result
  • No service's quality of service score increased or decreased significantly over the quarter

The FULL REPORT is attached above as a PDF file.

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