All employers benefit from their organisation investing in more skilled and confident managers through guidance and training. Managers often set the tone for the team and drive team culture.

An inclusive workplace is one in which:

  • policies are in place to ensure everyone is included, including disabled people
  • managers recognise the importance of a diverse workplace that includes disabled people
  • managers and staff understand what disabled people can do
  • managers develop all their staff, including disabled employees, to their full potential
  • managers and staff address barriers to employment, retention or promotion for all.

Managers who take a leadership position on disability play a crucial role in creating an inclusive workplace for disabled employees, and can help transform the management style within an organisation.

Flexible management allows disabled employees to contribute fully to their organisation. Many of the adjustments made for disabled people are also needed by other employees, so adopting more flexible employment practices can help all employees.

Consider the following factors and use the tools to assist you build an inclusive workplace:

  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Tools
  • Health safety considerations
  • Making Technology inclusive


If you would like to know more about the Lead Toolkit checklist here.

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