Leadership Insight is a common assessment and development approach for identified leaders across the public sector, with the aspiration and potential to progress their career.  It has evolved to a range of three products (Standard, Refresh and Light) which have been shaped by the feedback of leaders, agencies and Career Boards.

Leadership Insight gives individual leaders higher self-awareness and understanding of leadership strengths, development areas and environments in which they thrive.  This helps them to have conversations with a coach and their manager to identify potential future roles they aspire to, write a targeted development plan working towards future roles and put the plan into action. 

Leadership Insight helps agencies to understand the strengths and development areas of their leaders to inform collective development priorities and grow future successors.

For the public sector, Leadership Insight provides comparable and objective data on leaders’ strengths and development areas, to inform Career Boards to target development and investment.  The data and analytics guide succession planning, talent searches and deployments and provides a comprehensive picture of system strengths and gaps to inform development priorities and investment.

Leadership Insight is delivered in partnership with Cerno and the Leadership Development Centre.  You can find out more by reading about the assessment options, coaching, and fact sheets for each Leadership Insight product.

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