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Putting New Zealanders at the heart of what we do requires strong leadership.


  • The direction and priorities for system stewardship have been agreed by State Services chief executives.  They have been tasked with taking collective responsibility for achieving them.
  • The shift in performance being asked of the State services  has implications for the type of leadership needed.  The shift  hangs in part on maximising the potential of the people in the State services and their ability to work together across sectors and deliver services designed around customers.  It calls for leadership with a sharper, more collaborative focus  and includes the systematic identification and development of talent across the system.
  • We have introduced a common assessment and development framework to ensure the capabilities of all leaders are measured against the same standards across the State services.  It is based on the sixteen capability areas of the Leadership Success Profile, which describes the leadership we require.
  • Leadership Insight, the assessment used for the senior leadership cadre, is based on the common assessment and development framework. As 16 March 2016, 243 leaders had been through Leadership Insight, enough to draw meaningful conclusions.  The Leadership Insight Findings report (.pdf 1.9 MB) is based on their data.  It provides the most comprehensive picture of our senior leadership cadre we have had to date. 
  • Over the next 3-4 months, our focus will be on translating the findings into a tangible set of actions.


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