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Growing the leadership and talent we need to make the biggest difference for New Zealand requires an approach that connects our efforts right across the public sector. This will be supported by a common set of tools which support better talent management through consistent, good practice.

Talent Management

Leadership Success Profile

The Leadership Success Profile (LSP) is the leadership framework for the public sector.   It defines what effective leadership looks like across the public sector. The LSP has been translated into the capabilities and outcomes needed from our leaders at all levels.

SSC has worked with agency leaders and other specialists from across the public sector to develop the LSP. It is a key tool which is at the heart of talent management.

myLSP is an online resource designed to support people to learn about the LSP and use it in practice.  See how the LSP applies to public sector roles, self-assess against a role, create a development plan, recruit using the LSP, and see leadership career pathways across the public sector.

Talent Management Toolkit

The Talent Management Toolkit provides practical resources to support agencies to mature and extend a consistent approach to talent management at all levels. It helps agencies attract, identify, develop, deploy and retain great people – from early-in-career right through to their most senior levels.

These resources have been created by a cross-agency team of human resources and organisational development specialists. Agencies are required to fully embed the toolkit as part of their talent management practices at all levels. This will ensure that leadership and talent is considered in a consistent way across the State sector.

Assessment and Analytics

We use a common approach to assess and develop leaders across the public sector. This approach:

  • increases leadership capability and bench strength to ensure the public sector has the leaders we need – now and for the future. 
  • helps us to build a picture of the leadership capability of individuals, their agency and the public sector.
  • increases awareness and understanding of key leadership strengths and development needs.
  • ensures that potential and readiness to progress is measured in a consistent way and leader judgement is informed by more objective, comparable information.

Individual leaders, agencies and Career Boards are able to use assessments to help plan careers, identify future roles, target development planning and support development. 

There are a range of assessment options at a range of price points:

  • myLSP is a free online self-assessment and development tool available to all public sector leaders
  • 360 feedback aligned to the LSP is a cost-effective development option offered by a number of providers, including the Leadership Development Centre
  • Leadership Insight is for identified leaders with the potential and aspiration to progress their career.  Leadership Insight will benchmark a leader’s potential and readiness to progress as well as provide individualised, targeted development coaching and support.

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