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Structure of the Act

12 The SSA as enacted in 1988:

  • commenced with a long Title, setting out eight purposes of the Act
  • provided for the statutory officer of State Services Commissioner, and set out the Commissioner's principal functions together with general and specific powers
  • set out more detailed provisions in subsequent parts of the Act for the Public Service, chief executives, and various personnel-related regimes.

13 Accordingly, the SSA could be considered to ‘cascade’ naturally from the strategic and foundation provisions, to the more operational and detailed provisions.

14 Early during the review of the SSA, the SSC considered that the ‘cascading’ structure was useful and should be maintained, while being made more prominent with several significant amendments, as explained in the following parts of this paper:

  • replacing the long Title to the SSA with a new section setting out the purpose of the Act as part of the legislative provisions. All other provisions would cascade from, and work to achieve, the purpose of the SSA
  • inserting for the first time into the SSA a new section setting out the role of the Commissioner. All of the Commissioner's functions and powers would then serve to carry out the statutory role
  • revising the Commissioner's principal functions by elevating them to a more strategic and overarching level
  • tying the principal responsibilities of chief executives to the purpose of the SSA.

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