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List of abbreviations and acronyms

Advisers Departmental advisers to FEC on the Bill
ACE Autonomous Crown Entity
Bill State Sector and Public Finance Reform Bill
BPS Better Public Services
BPSAG Better Public Services Advisory Group
CAB Min Cabinet Minute
CDF Chief of Defence Force
CEA Crown Entities Act 2004
"cl" Reference to a particular clause of a Bill
Commissioner State Services Commissioner
CRI Crown Research Institute
Csser Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner Deputy State Services Commissioner
DHB District Health Board
DIA Department of Internal Affairs
EA Executive Agency
EEO Equal Employment Opportunities
ELP Executive Leadership Programme
ERA Employment Relations Act 2000
FEC Finance and Expenditure Committee
GCSB Government Communications Security Bureau
GWPO Government Workforce Policy Order
Hon Honourable Minister
House House of Representatives
ICE Independent Crown Entity
LDC Leadership Development Centre
LEG Cabinet Legislation Committee
MDC Management Development Centre
MoE Ministry of Education
MOSS Minister of State Services
MSD Ministry of Social Development
NZDF New Zealand Defence Force
NZSIS New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
OIA Official Information Act 1982
OIC Order in Council
PCO Parliamentary Counsel Office
PFA Public Finance Act 1989
PM Prime Minister
POL Min Cabinet Policy Committee Minute
PSC Public Service Commission
PSA New Zealand Public Service Association
"s", "ss" Reference to a particular section ("s") or sections ("ss") of an Act
SAB Semi-autonomous body
SES Senior Executive Service
SOE State-Owned Enterprise
SSA State Sector Act 1988
SSC State Services Commission
SSCer State Services Commissioner
TEI Tertiary Education Institution

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