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Occasional Paper No. 17. State Services Commission, September 1999, ISBN 0-478-08970-8, Crown copyright. On 15 July 1999, the Minister of State Services announced the Crown Entities Initiative. The key points of the Initiative included: · the need for clarification of the expectations of key players (Ministers, Departments,Boards etc); · the need for provision of quality information on public sector ethos and practice through briefing and induction programmes and board appointment processes; · the need to enhance oversight through better disclosure and monitoring processes; and · the need to introduce legislation to address inconsistent governance arrangements.

Behind these announcements considerable development work had been undertaken by the SSC. This paper provides an overview of this analysis undertaken by the SSC prior to the Minister's 15 July 1999 announcement and is based on an address made by Derek Gill and Simon MacPherson on 16 July 1999, at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.



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