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Occasional Paper No.18. State Services Commission, September 1999, ISBN 0-478-08971-6, Crown copyright.  Part of the background work undertaken by the SSC during the 1998/99 financial year on Crown entities. Discusses the roles and powers of Responsible Ministers in relation to Crown entities, and the support they can receive in discharging their responsibilities.

In addition, the relationship between the Minister and the governing body of the Crown entity is discussed as this is of central importance to the governance and accountability arrangements of Crown entities. The paper concludes that the roles and powers of the Responsible Ministers and their relationship with Crown entities are not currently well articulated in legislation and varies from entity to entity depending on the nature of the entity. As such there is a clear need to better articulate the Minister's role, and provide better advice on the instrument of influence available to them. Also includes a separate Appendix that discusses the role of departments in relation to Crown entities.



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