Appendix 2 Further References

To access documents listed here that are not available online, contact the publishing organisation or your local government bookshop

Working Under Proportional Representation: An Introduction for the Public Servant
State Services Commission (1996). This booklet focuses on how the Public Service plays its part in government and what MMP means for public servants. It was prepared as part of preparing the public service for MMP in 1995 and therefore does not reflect the minor alterations to the guidance that have been made since then. The principles behind the guidance remain the same.

Working Under Proportional Representation: A Reference for the Public Service
State Services Commission (1995). This examines the principles of government in New Zealand from the operation of Cabinet through to caretaker governments and government formation.

Cabinet Manual
Cabinet Office (2001). This is the key guide to central government decision making.

Standards of Integrity and Conduct
State Services Commission (2007). This prescribes minimum standards of integrity and conduct for public servants and State servants in most Crown entities.

Political Neutrality Fact Sheets
State Services Commission (2003). Four question and answer fact sheets on different aspects of the political neutrality principle in practice.

Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand

The Standing Orders of the House of Representatives

Voting Under MMP: Everything You Need to Know about New Zealand's Electoral System
Electoral Commission.

Effective Select Committee Membership: A Guide for Members of Parliament
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives (2005). Guidance for MPs on select committee processes. 

Working with Select Committees: A Guide for Public Service Advisers
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives (2005). Guidance for those in the Public Service who are required to work with select committees.

Key Website Addresses are:

5 Public service departments are listed in the First Schedule of the State Sector Act 1988. The Crown Entities Act 2004 defines "official" as including members, office holders and employees of Crown entities (s 135).

    · Make written submissions to the committee on the procedure to be followed....

    · With the committee's agreement, address the committee on the procedure to be followed by the committee before the counsel's client is heard

    · Object to a question... on the ground that it is not relevant

    · Object to counsel's client answering a question (see SO 229), and when the client's reputation may be seriously damaged, ask that further witnesses give evidence in the client's interest.

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