The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) establishes a common language and understanding of what good performance looks like.  It focuses on ensuring agencies are clear about where they need to improve, what they have to do to achieve results, and on monitoring progress against action plans.

New Zealanders expect a high performing, trusted and accessible State Services, delivering the right things, in the right way, at the right prices. State Services leaders can draw on the Performance Improvement Framework as a review and continuous business improvement tool to manage their agency's development. The framework will also provide the central agencies with a view of performance and capability across the system.

The Performance Improvement Framework will have Agency and Sector models. The initial focus is on the Agency model which can be applied as either a formal review or self review.

Formal review - - Independent lead reviewers use the Framework to evaluate and rate the performance and capability of agencies. Agencies then develop action plans describing what they will do to improve the agency's effectiveness and productivity. Those plans are agreed with the central agencies which will monitor and support their implementation.

Self review - Agencies use the framework as a self review tool to measure and improve their own performance.




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