In October 2015 the Government established a Joint Working Group to develop and recommend pay equity principles for female-dominated workforces where the work may have been systemically undervalued.

The purpose of the Joint Working Group was set up to recommend principles to Government that provided practical guidance to employers and employees in implementing pay equity.

Recommendations have now been made and are currently being considered by Ministers.

The Joint Working Group included employer, union and government representatives.

‘Pay equity’ is the principle that women and men should receive the same remuneration for doing jobs that are different, but of equal value.

  • Recommendations (PDF, 2 MB): These documents record the recommendations made by the Joint Working Group to Ministers in May 2016.
  • Joint Working Group terms of reference: The terms of reference records the parties’ agreement to the objectives, parameters and scope of the work, and the process the Joint Working Group used to develop the principles.

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