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The PIF has been developed and is supported by the central agencies: the State Services Commission (SSC), The Treasury and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, for use by New Zealand State sector agencies. It is a uniform, yet flexible, framework to support continuous performance improvement across the State Services. The PIF is managed by the Performance Improvement Programmes Group at SSC.

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Performance Overview Framework


Lead Questions

Four-year Excellence Horizon

What is the agency's performance challenge?



Critical area

Lead Questions

Government Priorities

How well is the agency responding to Government Priorities?

Core Business

In each Core Business area, how well does the agency deliver value to its customers and New Zealanders?
In each Core Business area, how well does the agency demonstrate increased value over time?
How well does the agency exercise its stewardship role over regulation?

Organisational Management

Critical area


Lead Questions

Leadership and Direction

Purpose, Vision and Strategy

How well do the staff and stakeholders understand the agency's Purpose, Vision and Strategy?
How well does the agency consider and plan for possible changes in its purpose or role in the foreseeable future?

Leadership and Governance

How well does the senior team provide collective leadership and direction to the agency and how well does it implement change?
How effectively does the Board lead the Crown entity? (For Crown entities only)

Values, Behaviour and Culture

How well does the agency develop and promote the organisational values, behaviours and culture it needs to support its strategic direction and ensure customer value?


How well does the agency encourage and use evaluative activity?

Delivery for Customers and New Zealanders


How well does the agency understand who its customers are and their short- and longer-term needs and impact?
How clear is the agency's value proposition (the 'what')?

Operating Model

How well does the agency's operating model (the 'how') support delivery of Government Priorities and Core Business?
How well does the agency evaluate service delivery options?

Collaboration and Partnerships

How well does the agency generate common ownership and genuine collaboration on strategy and service delivery with partners and providers?
How well do the agency and its strategic partners integrate services to deliver value to customers?

Experiences of the Public

How well does the agency employ service design, continuous improvement and innovation to ensure outstanding customer experiences?
How well does the agency continuously seek to understand customers' and New Zealanders' satisfaction and take action accordingly?


Engagement with Ministers

How well does the agency provide advice and services to Ministers?

Sector Contribution

How effectively does the agency contribute to improvements in public sector performance?

People Development

Leadership and Workforce  Development

How well does the agency develop its workforce (including its leadership)?
How well does the agency anticipate and respond to future capacity and capability requirements?

Management of People Performance

How well does the agency encourage high performance and continuous improvement amongst its workforce?
How well does the agency deal with poor or inadequate performance?

Engagement with Staff

How well does the agency manage its employee relations?
How well does the agency develop and maintain a diverse, highly committed and engaged workforce?

Financial and Resource Management

Asset Management

How well does the agency manage agency and Crown assets, and the agency's balance sheet, to support service delivery and drive performance improvement?

Information Management

How well does the agency manage and use information as a strategic asset?

Financial Management

How well does the agency plan, direct and control financial resources to drive efficient and effective output delivery?

Risk Management

How well does the agency identify and manage agency and Crown risk?

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A new guidance series was released on 18 December 2015. It reflects developments in the suite of Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) products and services. As with any good performance improvement tool, PIF will continue to improve to meet the needs of Ministers, the public, chief executives, senior leaders and agencies in the wider State Services. To contact the PIF team email

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