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Agency Commitment
Previously known as the Agency Response, the Agency Commitment section of the PIF Review Report is an explicit commitment by the agency to address the findings of the report. It discusses how the agency intends to take on the performance challenges posed by the Lead Reviewers and how it will demonstrate its progress. 
Central Agency Support
The Central Agency Support section of the PIF Review Report  outlines the specific actions that central agencies will take to support the agency to deliver on its commitment.
Critical Area
There are seven Critical Areas in the PIF Model: two focused on results (Government Priorities and Core Business) and five covering all aspects of organisational management.
Four-year Exellence Horizon
This describes the context and critical issues for the agency’s role and what it will take for the agency to be the best it can be for New Zealand in the medium-term. Its purpose is to clarify the priorities for performance improvement to enable the agency to improve the value it delivers to its customers and New Zealanders. It also gives a sense of what success in meeting the performance challenges would look like for the agency and its customers and stakeholders in four years’ time. 
Lead Question
The 30 Lead Questions guide a structured, future-focused strategic discussion or enquiry about all aspects of the agency to determine how prepared it is to deliver the contribution New Zealand needs from it. 
Lead Reviewer
SSC has a panel of independent Lead Reviewers, who, assisted by SSC Performance Review Managers, conduct PIF Reviews and other PIF-related projects. 
Lines of Enquiry
The Lines of Enquiry provide additional guidance on matters to consider for each Critical Area when assessing how well-positioned the agency is to address its future challenges, opportunities and risks and lift its performance. 
Performance Challenge
A performance challenge in a PIF Review is a description of a particular opportunity or opportunities for performance improvement. 
PIF Follow-up Review
An agency’s chief executive may request a PIF Follow-up Review at a suitable time after a PIF Review to assess progress on the Agency’s Commitment to achieve the Four-year Excellence Horizon. At the chief executive’s request the PIF Follow-up Review may also focus more deeply on some particular performance challenges and opportunities, as agreed. 
PIF Review
A formal review conducted by independent Lead Reviewers using the PIF framework to identify how well-positioned an agency is to deliver the contribution its customers and New Zealanders need from it in the medium-term and where it needs to focus to be more effective in the  future.
PIF Self-review
Agencies can use the framework to assess and target areas to improve the agency’s performance. A PIF Self-review using the framework is mandatory in preparation for a PIF Review.


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