The Authority

Under the Remuneration Authority Act 1977, the Remuneration Authority is responsible for annually considering and determining the remuneration and allowances of Members of Parliament and the Judiciary, as well as specified statutory officers and members of local authorities and community boards. The Authority also determines the fees for the appointees to Independent Crown Entity boards. The Authority is made up of a Chair and two members; all of whom are part time. The Authority is supported by an executive officer.


When a replacement person is being recruited for a unique board position (i.e. not a generic board member position as these do not require reviewing when a replacement member is being recruited) or when a new Independent Crown Entity or unique board role is being established, a senior monitoring department manager needs to contact the Authority with the position description and timeframe for the proposed appointment. The Authority will provide the monitoring department with an indicative fee range that can be used in the market place to discuss the position with interested people.

When the person has been appointed to the position by the Governor-General, the monitoring department needs to send a copy of the signed notice of appointment and appointment letter to the Authority. The Authority will then issue the final fee determination to the entity.

The Authority reviews fees each financial year. Any fee increases resulting from the review may be backdated to the beginning of the relevant financial year.

A chair can make submissions to the Authority for a review of any of the board fees. The Authority will determine the priority of any such request.

To contact the Authority:

Executive Officer, Remuneration Authority
PO Box 10 084, The Terrace, Wellington 6143
Phone: 04 499 3068, fax: 04 499 3065

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