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Remuneration and expense disclosures for Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes

Disclosure statement by Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes

In 2018, the Public Service Commissioner [then state Services Commissioner] was awarded an increase in his remuneration by the Remuneration Authority, which makes its determinations independently. As this increase did not align with the Commissioner’s expectations of modelling pay restraint of senior leaders in the Public Service, he donated the increase, to the value he would receive over the remainder of his term of employment, to a charity.

Following his reappointment in 2020 to the role of Public Service Commissioner for a further three years, the Commissioner has again donated the 2018 increase, to the value of the of the remainder of this term, to a charity. He has not sought or derived any tax benefit for either donation.


The expenses have been broken up into the respective individuals.

Expense Disclosures for Deputy Public Service Commissioner, Helene Quilter

  • Additional disclosure on Deputy Public Service Commissioner’s remuneration
    Deputy Public Service Commissioner Helene Quilter has chosen to publish details of actions she has taken in respect of her remuneration:

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