What information will be collected?

The information collected will be at a unit level which means there is a separate record for each individual.  This record will contain information that will identify you.  The information covered by this Protocol and Privacy Statement will be collected at various times as required and includes:

Profile information:

  • Contact information
  • A recent photo
  • Diversity and inclusion information, such as gender and ethnicity
  • Your career history, other experience and interests
  • Career aspirations and preferences
  • Qualifications and professional membership
  • Certifications and accreditations
  • Mobility preferences
  • Specialist skills
  • Previous development
  • Challenging roles or projects, including their complexity, scope and size
  • Other talent related information

Assessment information:

  • Prior assessment information
  • Self-assessments
  • Data from the Leadership Insight programme and subsequent reassessments
  • Data from alternative recognised assessments, including assessments for recruitment purposes
  • Feedback from your immediate manager and/or chief executive
  • Any related information 

Development information:

  • Development objectives and strategies 
  • Progress made against development objectives
  • Any related information

Your development objectives and strategies will be categorised and uploaded into Talent Exchange.  These will be used for individual development planning and anonymised reporting of development themes and priorities across the State services.

Supplementary Information

In addition, the following information may be obtained from your agency:

  • Role and position information, including job title, job size, span of control, level of complexity, incumbent and their reporting manager
  • System key positions and agency critical roles
  • Agency view of the impact on the agency should you leave in the next 3-6 months

Your specific salary will not be collected in Talent Exchange.

Where is the information sourced?

You: we will receive and store any information you enter into Talent Exchange or provide to us through other means.

Your agency: we may also obtain the information specified above about you from your agency, your manager and/or your Chief Executive.

Third party leadership assessment provider(s): we will collect information about you from leadership assessment provider(s) which we will add to your profile information in Talent Exchange, e.g. summary assessment data, development objectives and strategies. 

Accuracy of data

We rely on individuals, agencies and assessment providers to ensure, as far as possible, the data held in Talent Exchange is accurate.  Individuals and designated agency staff have the ability to access unit level data and the ability to validate, update or correct much of the information.  If advised that information is inaccurate or incomplete, we will take all reasonable steps to correct the data before it is used. 

Individuals can request their information be corrected at any time.  In addition, at regular intervals, individuals, managers and designated agency staff will be asked to check their information and update it as appropriate. 

Obligation to provide Information

You are not compelled to provide information and can withhold certain information if you so choose.  However, this may affect your ability to take full advantage of the opportunities that may be available.  Collected information has been designed to give an overall picture of your career interests, strengths and development needs.  Without this view your agency, SSC, LDC, Career Boards and other Talent Forums may be unable to fully assess your aspiration, potential and readiness for development opportunities.

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