How will the information be used?

The information provided will be used for:

  • Career planning: Identifying suitable development opportunities to support the achievement of your career aspirations.
  • Deployments: Identifying potential candidates for available deployment opportunities and informing selection decisions for Section 49 deployments.
  • Development: Informing development discussions and investment decisions.
  • Succession planning: The identification of talent pools of potential candidates for critical roles, e.g. chief executive roles and system key positions.
  • Workforce planning: Understanding the capability and capacity of the leadership pipeline now and in the future.
  • Talent analytics: Including trend analysis, statistical analysis and research.
  • Recruitment: The information will be used for recruitment purposes.


Your information will be used to support your development and may be visible to Career Boards and other Talent Forums, as appropriate.  Depending on an individual’s development stream, Chief Executives and designated privileged users may be granted access to relevant profiles within an agency, sector, function, region or system-wide, as appropriate. 

By default, senior leaders in the State Services leadership cohort will be visible to all Chief Executives in participating agencies.  Your development stream will be visible to you on your individual profile and you can clarify or change this in consultation with your manager, your agency designated privileged users and/or SSC.

If you gain employment outside of a participating public sector organisation, and as such are no longer an active member of Talent Exchange and associated talent management processes, your profile will be changed to ‘inactive’ status. Your information will still be searchable by SSC and agencies for succession planning, ad-hoc specialist requirements, and statistical analysis and research purposes.  Your record can be re-activated should you once again become a member of Talent Exchange and an active individual in agency talent management process.

If you no longer wish to be a member of Talent Exchange, your information can be anonymised at your request and used for statistical analysis and research purposes.

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