Implementation of this Protocol and Privacy Statement

Regular reports will be produced from the information collected.  These may be reports generated for the purposes of supporting agency, sector, function, regional or system-wide talent management, or by SSC to support the recruitment, development and deployment of leaders and to monitor the strength of the leadership pipeline across the system. 

Career Board and other Talent Forum reports provide comparative information, for instance, to identify which leaders are ready for progression or would benefit from further development in their current role.  These reports provide information on individuals.  Reports may also provide anonymised information in the form of trends/themes at a sector or system level.

SSC also produce other anonymised reports and analysis.  These may form part of advice to the State Services Commissioner or may be intended for publication.  These reports and analysis may contain a mixture of public sector-wide information.

Official Information Act Requests

All external requests for information held by SSC (including information obtained from Departments) are covered by the Official Information Act 1982.

SSC considers that it is unlikely to be required to release unit record data on individuals under the Official Information Act (in accordance with section 9(2) of the Act) but if such a release was ever indicated, SSC would consult with the individual concerned first.

Advice to Ministers

SSC provides advice to ministers on matters concerning agencies.  This advice may be supported by data obtained from Talent Exchange in a form that complies with this protocol.  No individual’s data will be issued; it will primarily be anonymised data on trends, themes and planning.

Requests for information by Select Committees

From time to time SSC may be requested to provide information to Select Committees.  A Select Committee may direct that any person be summoned to produce papers and records in that person’s possession, custody or control, that are relevant to the committee’s proceedings (Standing Order 198(2)).  In this respect SSC is no different to any person or organisation in either the public or private sectors and is obliged to comply with such a request. 

In complying with any requests from Select Committees SSC will advise any departments about whom information is to be released.  Where practical, SSC will incorporate any comment or contextual information that the department wishes to provide as part of the response.

Further guidance on providing information to Select Committees is available on the SSC website: Officials and Select Committees - Guidelines | State Services Commission.

Parliamentary Questions and Ministerials

Where Parliamentary Questions or Ministerials relate to individual agencies (other than SSC) they will be referred to the Minister responsible for that department (under Standing Order 369 and clause 2.26 of the Cabinet Manual 2001).

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