WeCount 2019 is a first step in formally understanding our broader public sector Rainbow community. It aims to gather statistical information and build a picture of our LGBTQIA+ employees (our Rainbow Public Service), and to begin to understand how inclusive we are as a Public Service to these employees.

What WeCount 2019 covers

WeCount 2019 aims to explore three main areas: sexual identity, gender identity, and a general view of individual’s levels of comfort in being themselves within the Public Service. The questions are high-level, and designed to capture:

  • the size of our Rainbow Public Service and the diversity within it (who we are)
  • how comfortable our Rainbow public servants are in bringing their whole self to the workplace (how we are).

Why we’re counting

The survey will give us a snapshot of our Rainbow Public Service and allow the broader Public Service to begin to discuss effective future work programmes around Rainbow Public Service diversity and inclusion. 


This is our Rainbow Public Service’s chance to have a real impact on any future work that will follow WeCount 2019.

WeCount 2019 is open to self-identifying LGBTQIA+ members of the New Zealand Public Service. It’s important we only receive responses from this community so that our data is accurate and useful in helping us find ways to support our people if they need it.

Complete the survey here


Check out the WeCount 2019 factsheet  here  or contact us on WeCount@publicservice.govt.nz  

Further support

We understand that for some, thinking about personal experiences can bring challenges. Remember, support is available for you if you need it. Contact your HR representative for in-work support or contact an external network such as OUTline NZ on 0800 668 5463, the Ministry of Health helpline on 1737 (text or call), or the PSA Rainbow Support Network on 508 367 772 if you would feel more comfortable.



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