Working Paper No.5. Authors: Derek Gill and John MacCormick, August 1999. Chief executives in the Public Service departments have three options available to them for providing administrative services for their departments - in-house provision; contracting out (outsourcing); and shared service centres within or between departments. Currently most departments use a combination of in-house provision and outsourcing.

The use of shared service centres is an option that is currently used infrequently by the New Zealand Public Service. This paper explores the potential use and applicability of the use of shared service centres in the Public Service. Note: Publication of the Working Papers Series recognises the value of developmental work in generating policy options. The papers in this series were prepared for the purpose of informing policy development. The views expressed are those of the authors and should not be taken to be the views of the State Services Commission. The Commission view may differ in substance or extent from that contained in this paper. Published by the State Services Commission, February 2000, ISBN 0-478-089799-1, Crown copyright reserved 2000.


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