6.1 Data Source

The data used in this study come from the 30 June 2000 and 30 June 2001 Human Resource Capability (HRC) data collections for the State Services Commission. The data consist of unit record observations for each person employed during the previous year in the New Zealand Public Service 11 , including entrants and exits. While part-time employees are included in the dataset (and can be identified from an hours variable), casual employees 12 , contractors 13 , and Chief Executives are excluded. The variables included in the analysis are those variables contained within the HRC datasets.

Each year has been regressed separately. The 2001 year has been analysed as a check on the relative reliability of the 2000 coefficients. Each observation is a unique Public Service employee.

11 The core Government departments defined in Schedule 1 of the State Sector Act 1988. The June 2000 dataset contains information on 37 out of 38 departments as one department did not provide information. The June 2001 dataset contains information on 39 departments as Archives New Zealand was separated from the Department of Internal Affairs during this year.

12 These employees have no ongoing expectation of employment.

13 Where a firm is engaged rather than a person. Employees on fixed-term agreements, who may be regarded in some sense as "contractors", are included if they are paid wages or salary from the department's payroll. Typically, the firm of a contractor is paid from the Finance/Accounting section of departments and is not entered on payroll.

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