Working Paper No. 8. Author. Dr Janice C. Wright, October 1999. This paper was prepared for the State Services Commission as part of work on improving strategic social policy advice.

It sets out the requirements for an information base for strategic social policy, and describes factors in the current management system that mean that the information base does not fulfil these requirements. It then outlines an information framework for strategic policy advice based around two broad topic areas (strategic social policy populations and employment transitions), four stages of the life cycle, and four stages of the policy process. The paper discusses a number of themes raised by stakeholders, and proposes three sets of next steps to improve the information base for strategic social policy. Note: Publication of the Working Papers Series recognises the value of developmental work in generating policy options. The papers in this series were prepared for the purpose of informing policy development. The views expressed are those of the authors and should not be taken to be the views of the State Services Commission. The Commission view may differ in substance or extent from that contained in this paper. Published by the State Services Commission, February 2000, ISBN 0-478-08991-0, Crown copyright.


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