Written on 11 April 2018 by Peter Hughes

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Today is one day of the year when senior leaders of the Public Service get together as a team.

The 600 plus senior leaders at the summit are responsible for the delivery of high quality public services to New Zealanders every day.

The group includes leaders from agency head offices in Wellington and critically, the leaders of regional operations from around the country.

These senior leaders are accountable for maintaining, and improving, service levels for New Zealanders. So it’s important they can come together to explore new ways of working across agency boundaries and share fresh ideas on how services are delivered.

This year we have a new Government and our first opportunity to hear directly from the Prime Minister and Minister for State Services about the kind of public service they expect to see and the kind of public service they want New Zealanders to experience.

At the end of the day, leaders will go back to their organisations knowing what is expected of them and with a clear understanding of the approach they need to drive.

The annual summit is an essential ingredient for a Public Service unified in a spirt of service to the community.

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