Written on 11 December 2018 by Peter Hughes

Helping our interns feel welcome

Today we welcomed 150 Public Service interns at a special spirit of service event.  

It’s important that Public Service agency interns get opportunities to meet and interact with a variety of public servants, including senior leaders and other interns. 

Today’s Public Service Intern Welcome Day also encouraged interns to think about and connect with their own personal spirit of service ... to better understand how they can contribute to core public services that strengthen our communities, improve quality of life and bind us together as a society. 

We need New Zealand’s brightest graduates to make the Public Service their first career choice. We need their diversity of thought and curiosity to help us solve the complex and interesting challenges that we face.  

I want interns to know that if they choose to become public servants, they can have a positive impact on the lives of countless fellow New Zealanders. 

I also want them to know about the spirit of service that underpins everything we do as public servants. 

For me, the spirit of service is about opening our hearts, minds, and resources to the needs of others ... doing this with an attitude of humility and a genuine desire to be of service to others. Thousands of public servants carry this spirit with them in their work, every day of the year. It’s something to nurture, encourage and protect – which is why we are talking about it with our latest group of interns. 

The State Services Commission will host the Keeping Connected interns event on 31 January next year. With this event, we’re encouraging interns to stay connected, engage further with their spirit of service and reflect on their recent experiences in the Public Service. 

As State Services Commissioner, I’m very pleased to extend a warm welcome to our interns and I encourage all public servants to do the same.  I hope the next few months will help show our interns that New Zealand’s Public Service is a great place to build a meaningful career, contributing to work that makes a genuine difference to our country.

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