Talent Exchange is a talent management information system that provides Te Pae Aramahi | Development Boards, agencies and individuals with access to a large, shared database of talent.

Growing leadership at all levels that can collaborate requires a secure platform that connects our leaders across the Public Service.

Talent Exchange is available to chief executives, Te Pae Turuki | Public Service Leaders Group (PSLG) members, leaders supported by Te Pae Aramahi | Development Boards, and nominated Te Pae Aramahi | Development Boards support people in Public Service agencies. Access to Talent Exchange is currently by invitation only, eligible users receive a personal email with registration details.

Users are asked to sign up to specific terms and conditions in Talent Exchange that explain who has access to what and why, under our privacy and security settings.

Leadership and talent management information protocol and privacy statement  

Talent Exchange Login


  • If you are a first-time user, complete a one-time registration process using the invitation email from ‘noreply@realme.govt.nz'. Email talentexchangesupport@publicservice.govt.nz if you have not received an email invitation.
  • Returning users — log in via your RealMe account using the link below.

What’s RealMe?

Talent Exchange Support

Login with RealMe®

Accessing opportunities in Talent Exchange

Members of Te Pae Turuki | PSLG can access a noticeboard of opportunities (through Talent Exchange).

Development opportunities are wide-ranging and include shadowing, project, governance, acting, secondment or permanent roles. The opportunities are suitable for tier 2, 3 or 4 leaders that make up the Te Pae Turuki | PSLG and a number of opportunities are exclusive to the page, otherwise, where relevant, links to Government Jobs Online or an agency’s website are included.

If you are a member of Te Pae Turuki | PSLG, you can find more information about how to access this page in this guide: 

Opportunities page for senior leaders(PDF, 280 KB)

If you would like to post an opportunity to be made available to Te Pae Turuki | PSLG, you can find more information in this guide:

Opportunities page for Te Pae Aramahi | Development Board Support(PDF, 462 KB)

To post an opportunity on the Opportunities page, agencies need to complete the opportunities template. Download the PDF version so you can know what questions will be asked in the online JotForm. Once you begin the online JotForm you cannot save and come back to it.

Online JotForm for submitting an opportunity

PDF form for submitting an opportunity(PDF, 156 KB)

Privileged users in agencies (for example, Te Pae Aramahi | Development Board support staff) are able to search for talent using the following guide:

Talent Search Guide(PDF, 268 KB)

Support information

If you require further support accessing or using Talent Exchange, email us and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

If you are having trouble logging into Talent Exchange due to RealMe issues, call their 24-hour helpdesk at 0800 664 774.

If you fall into the any of the above categories but haven’t yet received your invite to Talent Exchange, email us so we can organise this for you.

Email Talent Exchange Support