Secretaries and chief executives of the Public Service and chief executives of statutory Crown entities regularly disclose their expenses to provide transparency and accountability for their discretionary expenditure.

Publishing clear and detailed disclosures is integral to building and maintaining the public’s trust and confidence in the Public Service.

Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission has issued model standards(PDF, 319 KB). The disclosures make transparent the standards of integrity and financial prudence and provide public assurance about the propriety of the expenditure. This requirement is in line with international practice, and in New Zealand, Ministers, MPs and Mayors are all subject to disclosure provisions.

Secretaries and chief executives make this information publicly available annually on their agency's website and link it to

Disclosures containing information for the financial year (ending 30 June) are published by 31 July each year.

Further resources, which include the Excel workbook to be used, a guide for agency staff and DIA guidance for linking datasets, are provided below.